Terms & Conditions

At SEO Scientist, We believe in honesty and personal accountability in our work. As a reputed SEO firm, we constantly strive to achieve improved ranks, increased traffic, conversions, and positive profit from investment for our customers' sites. while abiding by the following Moral code:

1) We will make every effort to improve or maintain ranks, as well as increase ROI and profit for our client’s sites, as much as possible.

We'll continue to stay on top of things, keeping up with the evolution of internet search engines and shifting website improvements.

2) We shall handle all customers with respect and without preference.

When we provide different forms of support to consumers in connected spaces or businesses, we shall do so honestly, sincerely, and without bias.

We'll keep working hard to make sure we're properly distributing our customers' mission efforts.

3) We will not make absurd assumptions to our customers.

We intend to set realistic goals for our organization and will not make any unrealistic promises. We'll demonstrate sincerity by evaluating the kind of outcomes we can give and those we can't.

4) We shall maintain perfect confidentiality and safeguard our customers' privacy.

Without the customer's prior written consent, we will not reveal data about their business or review our SEO work or progress on their site, including any lead data, restrictions, or licensed innovation. We will also ensure our project workers have agreed to written non-disclosure agreements that protect the privacy of all customer data.

5) We shall not engage in any activities that affect a client's brand or reputation on purpose.

We will try to ensure that the methods we apply meet with search engine and directory criteria, and we will never intentionally use tactics or techniques that have been known to result in sites being penalized or deleted from search engine indexes or directories.

6) We preserve whatever power is required to avoid working with organizations that may be viewed as hostile or political.

Political missions, political news organizations, betting, pharmaceuticals, porn or physically uncompromising organizations, and things or services deemed to be pioneering in the face of public issues are all included.

This list isn't exhaustive, and we have the right to decide if a customer is a good fit for our office based on our own judgment.

7) We will not purposely violate web applications indexing standards.

We shall make an ongoing effort to ensure that we are up to date on web indexing concepts and guidelines. As standards and rules change, we will make every effort to ensure that our customers' sites remain compliant in order to avoid any potential breach.

8) We will not breach administrative laws on purpose.

We will exercise extreme caution to ensure that we do not violate any intellectual property laws or infringe on trademarks. We ensure that our processes are compliant with all applicable local, state, and national regulations, as well as lead guidelines for business and Internet activity.

9) We will not misrepresent other people's work as our own.

To avoid any potential copyright infringement issues, we will make every effort to provide each customer with unique content and strategies.

Any substance we use that was made for us by someone else will only be used with their expressed consent.

10) We will not deceive our services or ourselves.

We will be upfront about all aspects of our Search Engine Optimization administrations, strategies, abilities, accreditations, planning, execution history, assets, and timelines, and we will never intentionally mislead our consumers about such details.

11) We shall provide appropriate inquiry goal techniques to all clients.

This includes distributing location and phone number information for our Customer Support team so that it is easily accessible on our website. We will also make location information where any legal disputes will be resolved available on demand.