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Are you thinking to attract more organic traffic to your site? Do you wish to explore your Gym services among more people? Then, adhere to the greatest SEO guidelines to increase your potential leads.

The Client

AntimatterFit is the best Gym in Jaipur that helps you keep active and healthy. With the aid of a custom diet, exercise program, yoga, and meditation routine, their experienced trainers assist you in shaping your body physique. Also, you may start working out whenever and from wherever using the AntimatterFit app.

The Staring point & Challanges

The SEO challenge for Antimatterfit is to ensure that potential customers find them easily, so they're looking into improving their website's SEO by making sure it's optimized for searches like "best gym in Jaipur”. For that, we follow some methods:

  • Focus on keyword density and their volumes in the content.
  • Add relevant content to encourage users to click through to other pages on your site.
  • Use page titles that are optimized for search engines, which will increase online visibility in search results by making them more relevant to users' queries.

Our Plan and Efficient Result


After 2 months only, the results of our SEO effort were visible because the website had significantly improved across all of the key performance indicators. Here's an illustration of the development. The organic visits on your website increased from 525 to 1265 in 2 months as shown in the above graph.


It was fantastic to see that traffic grew significantly, considering this was one of the campaign's primary objectives. More individuals were finding the website relevant and clicking through to it, as seen by the rise in impressions and clicks, Which had climbed by more then 125% growth with 3.9% CTR in 6 months


Our client's ranking positions for the primary targeted keywords had significantly improved. These are the same keywords that we targeted for rankings when we first launched the campaign. At the time, our client's position was almost nonexistent.


Building a solid portfolio of backlinks is one of the key ranking elements that we consistently concentrate on with our clients. And we're pleased to report that our efforts have been fruitful! The website presently has over 2,500 links and 682 referring domains, which is a robust backlinks portfolio!


The website authority score for the client has dramatically risen. Given where they began, it is currently at 21, which is quite impressive (which was 5).

The website is currently considered one that is authoritative and has a lot of weight and impact. In terms of search engine positioning, this ultimately gives you an edge over its competitors.

    • High Brand Visibility
    • Traffic/Clicks
    • Visibility Score and Target Keyword Rankings
    • Backlinks Portfolio
    • Website Authority Score

Final Words

With the help of the above case study, we hope you are clear about our local SEO practices that are used to a gym brand's advantage. Simply put, SEO is one of the most cost-efficient and effective marketing techniques, thus gym businesses shouldn't ignore it. It's not just about staying one step ahead of rivals; it's also about boosting website traffic and expanding a company’s growth.

Thanks to our specialized SEO techniques and website enhancement efforts, the dental office is now happy and their new website has allowed them to increase traffic! Additionally, long-term, devoted patients who are actively looking for their professional services are now included in that traffic. Here's what the client had to say about their interaction with us while we're at it:

"Our website has remained on the top page of search results for three months after you began working on the project. Through phone calls, WhatsApp, and email, the team communicates without any issues. Their punctuality and professionalism are excellent. View the complete review here”.

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