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Top 9 Pages That Every Dental Website Design Must Have

Despite having a “decent” website, is it difficult for your dental office to draw in new patients?

If the answer is yes, your website might not be all that great.

Having a dentistry website alone won’t help you stand out in the very competitive dental market, where dozens of new businesses are opening up every day. To do that, you must have a top-notch dental website. A dentistry website that prioritizes conversions gives potential patients pertinent information. Because it is designed to turn them into patients, it benefits both the practice and the patients.

Dentistry, like any other industry, shouldn’t avoid important marketing and web presence, which are essential to the growth of a dental clinic. In order to increase traffic and revenue, dentistry websites should therefore be frequently examined for errors and all relevant web pages should be conversion optimized.

Having said that, we recognize that it’s simpler said than done. Understanding what makes a successful dental website and how to use it to increase traffic requires dental marketing experience. And it is this knowledge that we are sharing with you now. The eight most crucial pages that every dental website must have covered in this post, along with the various strategies you can use to increase traffic to them. Read on to learn how to create a website for your dental office that will drive traffic and sales.

Why do Dentists need a Website that is Optimized?

Designing a dentistry website that is optimized can help maintain current clients and draw in new ones. By scoring highly on exposure, elevated brand recognition levels, and credibility, a website that is optimized for search engines and people alike can perform wonders, eventually leading to an increase in patient appointments.

Due to the salient characteristics that make them simple for Google algorithms to identify, optimized dentistry websites rank higher on search engines. Improved visibility from higher ranks encourages clicks from prospective patients.

You become more recognizable and well-liked the more people visit your website. The clever dental website design, which more or less guarantees that your potential patients can’t ignore your presence, quickly fills your dental business with patients.

Every dental website must contain these 9 pages.

What is so novel about dental internet pages, I’m sure you’re wondering. Are you shocked by how websites are tied to revenue? Every dental practice’s website page has a distinct function that affects how much money is generated.

Internet searches for dentists are the first step in a patient’s quest. If consumers encounter a poor website right away, they won’t even bother trying to connect with that dentist in the future. If the website is unable to meet the patients’ expectations, your initial impression has been effectively shattered.

The ideal dental website serves as your online workplace. It appropriately portrays your business and lets patients know about your specialties and skills. A smart dental website informs visitors of the benefits of scheduling an appointment with you and encourages them to contact your practice

1. Home page

Home pages should be quite obvious, right? Yes, but we’re not talking about a homepage that you just have to have. We’re talking about a webpage that gives a great summary of your clinic, the services you provide, and most importantly, the reasons why people should make an appointment with you. Your chances of turning a lead into a patient should always be maximized by a fantastic home page. The shoddy ones will carry out the same action, but for your rivals.

Let’s say you believe you need assistance creating a site that will persuade potential clients to quit idly scrolling and take beneficial action. Then, with simple navigation and a flawless user experience, a seasoned dental website design firm can materialize your aims.

2. About Us Page

Dentists should use this About us section as an opportunity to highlight what makes them different from other professionals in the field rather than producing generic text. Although they all primarily focus on oral health, dentists are uniquely unique. Make sure your unique value offer is the focus of your attention. You can be confident that your practice’s dental website will be excellent if you have contracted with a dental marketing firm to manage your marketing efforts. The dentist’s experience must be thoroughly described on the “about us” page. If your dental business is new and you don’t yet have many notable patient referrals, you can concentrate more on your credentials and other noteworthy accomplishments.

Gaining patients’ trust before they even meet you is made easier by providing them with a thorough biography that includes their professional accomplishments, educational background, and work history along with photos of the doctors. If you can effectively explain your goals for working in this field using a vision and mission statement, it will impress potential patients.

3. Page for Services

Your dental website must have a services page that comprehensively lists and defines each service your dental office provides. At your clinic, you might provide a variety of dental care services. However, if you arrange them randomly, it will confuse your patients.

Patients visit your website to learn as much as they can about your treatments and procedures in order to make an educated choice. Make a list of all the services you offer first. The following step is to group the services into different categories.

Consider that you offer a variety of procedures under the categories of cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. While metal/ceramic braces, teeth aligners, etc. will be listed under the Orthodontics drop-down menu, procedures like smile makeovers, teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, etc. will be placed under the dental cosmetics area.

A service page that is organized correctly paints a clear picture of all the services and improves SEO rankings. By adding appropriate keywords to each element of your service page, you can improve organic rankings. Incorporate a “call to action” button for each service.

4. Page of Reviews

Reviews show whether you are a reputable brand in the dental sector. People may or may not pay attention to other sites, but they will always remember to read the reviews page of your website. The reason traffic is not converting as you would like it to maybe that you haven’t set out an area of your website for reviews.

Prospective clients are still unsure and hesitant to click the “schedule appointment” button even after reading about your qualifications and professional experience. Reviews become relevant in this situation. All their doubts vanish the moment they learn that people just like them have already profited from your services.

5. Address page

The precise location of your dentist’s office can be found with the help of a location page with a Google map. You must make a separate page for each clinic location if you operate clinics in many places. Interested patients can determine how close or far away your clinic is from them. This website helps inform current patients who are thinking about moving where you are located if you have a practice there. If you have distinct timings for each day of the week in addition to the location, you must also include the operation hours for each day. Mention your phone number and make it clickable to encourage patients using mobile devices to call you right away.

6. A page for Payment and Insurance

The payment options that are accepted at your clinic are clearly outlined on this page.

It is preferable to outline the terms and conditions in advance, especially when it comes to insurance so that patients won’t have to continually infer your payment terms from you.

Multiple questions result from missing information.

Potential patients look up other websites that properly describe the payment methods and procedures rather than calling and getting their questions answered.

  • Which payment methods do you accept?
  • Credit card, cash, or both?
  • What kinds of insurance do you accept?
  • Do you have a special program in place for patients that fall into the low-income category? 
  • Use your payments page to address any queries that your potential patients may have. 
  • Every time a patient comes into the clinic, your team doesn’t need to repeatedly go over the payment process with them.

7. Offers to new patients

Discounts are always in style. The dentistry industry is becoming more competitive, so you need to provide compelling reasons for potential patients to pick your office over hundreds of others. You can sway patients who are on the fence by creating a “new patient special” page.

To create a few truly tempting offers, you’ll need to conduct a brief market analysis. Avoid the error of making offerings that are identical to those of your rivals. Come up with some creative dentistry marketing concepts that will ultimately be beneficial to you and your patients. The “new patient special” page can easily be used as the primary landing page if you decide to employ paid advertisements in the future.

8. Online scheduling page

The last thing your customers want to do is call your number and wait on hold as your team double-checks the appointment list. Give them access to a 24-hour online booking system, and watch as patients choose your office for convenience. It’s not always about how good your services are. You must keep up with the most recent trends and advancements. Excellent services are useless if your business can’t stay up with modern technology. How should the appointment page be set up? Include patient forms that ask for fundamental information, such as contact information needed to streamline the booking process. Although digital forms are preferred, you can still allow patients to download and print them.

An online appointment booking system can be smoothly integrated with your website if you contact dental website businesses. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the system needs to be able to handle scheduling as effectively as possible. It must accurately reflect the times and dates that are open.

Once a patient reserves a time and day for treatment, other patients cannot book the same time slot. Such errors will create a sea of confusion and have a negative impact on the patient experience. It would seem over the top to say this. However, in this digital age, how successfully you market your practise online determines whether you will eventually attract patients, regardless of your great credentials and academic background.

9. Dental Blog Page

A blog website is an effective tool for building relationships with current patients and luring new ones as well as business associates. A well-written blog can increase long-term growth and turn viewers into customers. Regular blog posting can improve credibility, SEO, and conversion rates. Patients frequently lack awareness about issues pertaining to oral health. Before a patient makes an appointment, a dentistry blog is a great method to address their concerns and allay their fears.

The legitimacy and repute of your dental practise are largely based on the calibre of blogs. To get the desired results, it is advised that you use a dental marketing company with extensive experience in creating dental blog articles and content marketing. When designing dentistry blogs, keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t use jargon, and write with your audience in mind.
  • To improve rankings, include relevant keywords; nevertheless, refrain from spamming.
  • Establish a regular publishing schedule for your blogs.
  • Respond to frequently asked questions using blogs.
  • With the use of photos, bullet points, and subheadings, long-form blogs can be made easier to browse.


The recent decline in traffic may be the result of a dental website that is badly constructed. The value of dental marketing services is found in the thorough examination of each component of your internet marketing to ensure that all of the strategies are coordinated to get the desired results. Each web page must positively contribute to providing patients with the required knowledge about your dental practice in order to get good rankings in terms of dental web design.

Due to intense competition, any small or accidental marketing error could have disastrous results. Your expertise and skill in handling dental difficulties are evident on your website. Since everything has shifted to digital platforms, how well you do online will influence whether or not patients choose your clinic. Websites, social media, and other online platforms have usurped the role of personal connections. Dental practices must now make a strong online impression in order to succeed.

This article aims to provide dental professionals with short suggestions and pointers for building a flawless website that will make a lasting impression on potential clients. We believe we have had some measure of success, just as your practice would expect.


Q1. Why is dental SEO crucial?

Your dental office may enhance organic internet traffic and draw in more patients with the aid of a strong SEO plan. Rarely will prospective patients who are looking for their new dental office online scroll past page one of the search results.

Q2. What does dental technology hold for the future?

With a SMART toothbrush, maintaining dental health and taking good care of teeth and gums will become easier in the future. These toothbrushes track brushing techniques and motivate users to get better through Bluetooth devices that link to an app.

Q3. How can I promote my dental services?

The most effective dental office marketing strategies

  • Create a presence online.
  • Participate in your community.
  • Obtain customer recommendations.
  • Utilize email marketing.
  • Display your accomplishments.
  • Join a group or community online.
  • Join forces with other companies.
  • Send out welcome kits to the neighborhood.

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