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7 best SEO tools in 2021


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Co-founder & CMO @ SEO Scientist

Want to rank better on search engines? Want to improve your business's website? All of this can be done through good SEO. We will talk about the7 best SEO tools to improve your website’s ranking in 2021. Listen to this podcast and know more.


But before rushing to the tools we would like to talk a little about SEO and why is it important? In very simple terms SEO improves your website’s visibility for relevant searches. Whenever a query related to your website is searched on a search engine, a good SEO makes your website appear at a better ranking, that is, above other websites.


This brings us to a simple question, how does SEO work? Search engines like google, Bing have algorithms according to which your websites are ranked on their platform. This simply means, more your website is following the algorithm, the better it will rank on these search engines.


You will be thinking about why SEO is important and if it is important for your business? 

To this, we would answer that SEO is one of the most important things for your business. And mind this, we are not saying it is important just because it is our work, we believe that it is important because it has many benefits.

Speaking of benefits, more than 50% of marketers recommend a good SEO for your website and consider it crucial for your business.


Now speaking about the benefits of SEO, the top 5 results of a query on a search engine get 75% of clicks. And around 167 billion searches are done on Google every month. Now You do the math and find out how many potential customers you can get if you have a better ranking website. 


Not only SEO helps potential customers reach your website, customers like coming to a well-optimized website, again and again, making them repeat buyers. This will increase traffic on your website too and improve its reach.

Customers like credibility to a website.

If your website is better ranking they think that your website is more credible. A good on page-SEO also gives a better user experience. Visitors like a better user experience which ultimately reduces the bounce rate of your site.


Ultimately, SEO leads to the growth of your business and is highly recommended for all types of businesses.

So, We will discuss the 7 best SEO tools to improve your SEO and save you from the tedious task of keyword research and analysis.


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7 best SEO tools to rank on google in 2021

  1. Answer the public - 

    This free SEO tool helps you to find keywords in your particular niche. Just enter your desired topic, for example, ‘diet’ and it comes with several related keywords like ‘nutrition’, ‘healthy’, ‘keto’, and many more.

    Another different quality of this tool is that it finds questions that people search related to your niche. Through these questions you can find a topic for your new blog, you can answer FAQs around your topic.

    Lastly, this tool presents keywords in the XvsY form. You would be surprised to know how many people search for XvsY keywords on search engines like ‘tea vs coffee’, ‘SEO vs PPC’. 

    This tool is one of the best SEO keyword tools.
  2. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test - 

    With the new Google algorithm, your website must be mobile-friendly.

    Around 92% of people search and shop from their smartphones. Optimizing your website in such a way that it provides a good user experience on smartphones is a necessity.

    If you want to check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, then this is the best SEO tool online for you. 

    This tool tells you how easily users can access your website from their mobiles. This includes reading, navigation on your site, how it adjusts for the screen size, etc.

    It also gives you a pass-fail score for your assessment and suggests how you can improve your site’s code, thus making it a complete package.

  3. Animalz Revive - 

    Animals Revive can be used to find old content on your site which is leading to a fall in the number of visitors on your site.

    This tool finds content on your site which needs an update or upgrade. It collects your google analytics data and then looks for trends.

    It finds the content which is going in the wrong direction and tells you how much traffic you are losing due to an old piece of contact.

    It is free and gives you suggestions on how you can improve your content, thus making it a very effective tool for your content work.

    Trust us updating old content into new forms works wonders for your website making it the best SEO ranking tool.

  4. Ubersuggest - 

    This SEO tool developed by Neil Patel is 100% free and has many useful features. 

    You have to type your required keyword or domain there and it will give you a list of short or long-tail phrases that you can use. It also shows you the search volume of the keyword, average CPC, PPC competition, and SEO competition of the keywords.

    With this tool, you can also find which keyword or content strategy is working for your competitor so that you can analyze and also adopt them.

  5. Woorank: SEO ranking tool - 

    This tool offers both free and paid options.

    It gives you an SEO score for your website.

    It can suggest how to improve your on-page and off-page SEO by reporting what your website is lacking both in technical and content terms. It checks your website for duplicate content and security issues too.

    Most importantly, it gives you solutions to the problems with your website. Use this SEO tool for a complete analysis of your website, to improve its ranking.

  6. Ahrefs: SEO Keyword Tool - 

    This tool is one of the SEO experts’ favorites. This tool highlights what is the best part of your website which draws maximum visitors, which parts need improvement to rank better.

    You can check your competitor’s websites too on this tool and find out their backlinks and connect with them for your site too.

    It improves your website ranking through keyword research, SEO audit, and viral content research. It shows the best-performing pages of your site so that you can apply that strategy to other pages too.

    This tool also checks and fixes broken links on your website making it a complete package.

    All these functions make it one of the most recommended tools.

  7. SEMRush: Marketing SEO Tools - 

    This SEO tool helps in improving your online visibility by checking all aspects of your website.

    You can enter your domain and your competitor’s domain for a ‘domain vs domain’ comparison. It gives you insights into your competition, does keyword research, helps in backlinking, and much more.

    It can help you find websites that are willing to advertise on your site thus providing monetary benefits. It can do a complete breakdown of competitors' sites.

    It can identify your competitor’s top content and what is working for them.

    All these features make it very useful for SEO analysis.


To sum up - 

SEO is an important feature because it improves the visibility, growth, and traffic of your websites. It helps in the conversion of visitors into customers. Good SEO is a need of time for your website.


These SEO tools will surely improve the ranking of your website. All these tools can work on both on-page and off-page SEO. These tools have very good website analysis and SEO audit features making them an expert's favorite.


Check these tools out and tell us which one you liked the most.


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