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Of course Yes, then get it with our latest SEO trends and advanced content strategy to get more traffic, more leads, and more Business.


Approx 91% of the content gets no traffic from Google. That's Huge 😲

At SEO Scientist, We help you to create Google-loving content, so that you can get a spot on rest of the 9%.

* According to the research and publised by the Tim Soulo CMO,

Why Choose Us?

We Work on White-Hat SEO techniques Only.

No matter how much traffic you are getting from Google. Chances are still that you still get a penalty because Google algorithms are becoming smarter day by day.

Using the right strategy will go a long way to get results in SEO. Therefore, at SEO Scientist, we use complete white hat SEO techniques that will not just help you to grow faster but also protect you from Google's Penalty.

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Latest marketing trends for social media growth

Growing on social media is not showcased by an increase in followers, but also results in growth of business.

At SEO Scientist, we provide our clients with Social media marketing where we generate a content strategy, create graphics, repurpose content on various platforms to grow online visibility.

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Developing an SEO-friendly website

Let's face it. Developing an SEO-friendly website is not just a way to attract traffic, but it has become a necessity to grow your business online.

No matter if you will plan to take our SEO services or not, but We Make sure that every website we guys develop should be optimized well for Google. That's why we focus on the speed, user experience, and mobile-friendliness of the website.

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Advanced content planning and strategy

At SEO Scientist, We believe in planning content first for the user and then for Google in every project, which is why we call it advanced content planning.

Our main goal is to create a content strategy, then write content accordingly, and then figure out how to distribute across channels to gain high-quality backlinks from authority sites so that you can rank on Google.

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Get an expert team with hand-holding support

Some will provide you better strategy, while others will deliver you a better execution plan. But we offer you the best of all because of the expert team we have at SEO Scientist.

Honestly, getting the ideal marketing team still doesn't exist, but we try hard to be that one by giving you the best hand-holding support.

We provide a transparent monthly performance report.

Here everyone claims, they work hard to get you results online and achieve your business goals, but at SEO Scientist, our first goal is to grow your business online.

That's why we believe in providing the transparent monthly performance report of every project we work on so that you will be able to move ahead, easily manage, and track your overall performance.

What We Offer?

SEO for small business

Would you like to build your business on Google so that you may acquire targeted visitors and turn them into customers?

UI/UX design

89% of the user move to a competitor after having a bad experience on your website?

E-commerce SEO

When You rank for your targeted keywords and rank top on search results, more people can find your business and contact you.

App store optimization

Check out our App Store Optimization services provided by the industry experts with everything you need right from Keyword research to reviews!

Social media marketing

With our advanced and latest Social Media Marketing services, your business can start growing its brand awareness and revenue from social media.

Paid ads

Whether you want to increase search traffic, conversions to your website, or both, it will help you achieve your goal with the help of our PPC Ads Management Services.

Website development

PHP, WordPress or, react no matter what language or custom development projects we have, we can help you with highly customized and full features development.

Web copywriting

Whether it's blog posts, sales content, online guides, or landing pages intending to increase website engagement, website traffic, or sales, our website copywriting services are a good fit for all of these.

Growth hacking

With the help of the right go-to-market strategies, Using data with tech, and automation you can grow your business too.

Influence marketing

From creating, developing, and executing the influencer marketing strategies on a global scale as per your brand goals, We work on the process.

Our leadership team

Ramneek Singh Bhatia

Co-Founder & CEO

He is an overall powerhouse for SEO Scientist. He started working in B2B Sales and Digital Marketing and has been in the field for the past 4 years.

He is a solution-oriented business evangelist and a marketing enthusiast who brings in out of the box strategies to handle operations and communicates with companies & institutions to get things done.

Gautam Manral

Co-Founder & CMO

He started his SEO career at the age of 18 now he is helping business to grow on the google with his amazing SEO skills.

He is also the host for the SEO Scientist Show a podcast that provides actionable tips, tricks and strategies for people in the marketing Community.

Anand Dharmadhyaksha

Chief Operating Officer

Having more than 10 plus years of experience in marketing, he is a genius for SEO Scientist. He enables businesses and organizations to drive better decisions throughout the business and create actionable insights and meaningful results. Proven history of successful work with cross-functional teams.

frequently asked questions

Yes, it's true. Great things take time! There is no “one-size-fits-all” way to answer this.

SEO Scientist, a prominent SEO firm, is familiar with your business and marketing objectives. Following your team's initial sessions, We recommend the best SEO strategies, as well as a business proposition, to help us achieve these objectives within the time limit we've set.

Yes, you can definitely perform SEO on your own. Anyone can learn how to do SEO for their business with some research and practice.

However, to create links that can help your website rank higher, you'll need to hire an expert, and hence SEO Scientist is here to help. You must invest in SEO if you want to make an effect online.

Yes, always! If your business has a website, SEO is crucial no matter what kind of business it is!

SEO is key to your online success, whether your company is young or old, suffering or succeeding, small or huge. Even if you are the only one in your field, SEO is still necessary. In fact, we believe SEO is an integral part of any online business.

According to Google, an e-commerce company's average return on investment in SEO is around $2.75 for every dollar spent. SEO helps you in increasing the return on all of your marketing efforts. Long story short, if managed properly, the right SEO strategies from a decent SEO firm can be a game-changer for your online business.

It entirely depends on your line of business. An in-house marketing team is a good option if you can afford to engage a large number of people with varied skillsets - and if you have enough work for all of them.

But if you want to establish a comprehensive, top-to-bottom marketing strategy, then SEO Scientist is best in the business!

We provide a wide variety of services like:

  • SEO for small businesses

  • UI/UX design

  • E-commerce SEO

  • App store optimization

  • Paid ads

  • Social media marketing

  • Website development

  • Web copywriting

  • Growth hacking

  • Influence marketing